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Make Easter Special for Every Child

Easter is fast approaching, and with it comes the wonder of spring and new life. For the Easter holiday, baskets, bunnies, candy, games, and other fun things help make the day special and unique for children. This year, there are lots of ways for you to help make the day extra special for your little ones. Easter baskets are not “one size fits all” for every boy and girl, and you can make sure your child knows which basket is for him or her ...

Some Bunny Loves You! Tips for Easter Baking With Your Little Ones

  From coloring eggs, decorating Easter baskets and planning scavenger hunts, activities for children are always a cherished part of the holy season.  Baking with the little ones is a fabulous way to make memories and sparks a lifelong love of the kitchen.  It’s also a good time to teach a few lessons along the way.  Besides feasting on sweet treats, they learn valuable skills and practice math and reading without even realizing ...

Here Comes Peter Cottontail…Our Top 10 Tips for an Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt

    The daffodils are emerging, birds are chirping, and the sun is finally shining.  Spring is officially here!  Young or old, some of our best memories are receiving a beautiful Easter basket on Sunday morning.  Whether it’s shiny chocolate eggs, a plush bunny rabbit, or special treats, filling the basket is just as much fun.  Once the pretty baskets are opened, why not plan a special Easter Egg Hunt for the entire family. ...