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Timeless Christmas Décor for Every Taste

While some may choose to follow the trends of the year and change up their Christmas décor annually, many people opt to hold with tradition and decorate for Christmas with timeless home décor that reflects the hallmarks of the season. At Lillian Vernon, we celebrate the season with a vast array of both contemporary and timeless items for your home. Do you enjoy counting the days to Christmas?  We have a great collection of Christmas ...

Design and Shine with Five of our NEW and Versatile Gifts for Your Home

  The best designers are experts at seeing things in a new or different way.  Whether it’s simply moving a comfy chair from a corner (where no one ever sits) to the middle of the room, or reupholstering a tired ottoman in a bold fabric, it’s about being creative and thinking of design without limitations.  Many of our exclusive products can be used in various ways, from season to season and in different rooms of the house.  ...

All is Merry and Bright: Introducing Our Personalized, Keepsake Ornaments for the Holidays

  Christmas is a sacred time to celebrate old and new traditions.  Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition in the 16th century when devout Christians brought trees into their homes decorated with candles.  Some of the first Christmas ornaments were shiny red apples, nuts and marzipan cookies.  It was commonly believed that apples were used as ornaments because of their relation to the winter solstice (the shortest day ...