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Get Santa’s Little Helpers Organized with our Top Five Tips to Staying Tidy

      If you’re like most mothers, keeping your home tidy is sometimes a never-ending battle.  Add the holidays, decorating, cooking and cleaning to the mix, and things can get chaotic.  Teaching your children good organizational skills will not only help you, but will stay with them for a lifetime.  Check out some great tips for tidy kids and some of our favorite items to help you get your home in order.   1. Kids ...

Everyone Loves a Sale! Shop our Top Sale Items Under $20 (Many are Under $10!)

    Who doesn’t feel satisfaction from getting something on sale?  No matter how much or little we have, we always love a deal!  According to Dan Ariely, a writer at the Wall Street Journal, happiness is often a relative judgment about the distance between where we are and where we could have been. If we think that something could have been better, we feel bad, and if we think that something could have been worse, we feel ...

Top Tips on How To Nurture Your Budding Artists

  Finally an easy solution to display your child’s artwork!  Our handy Art Cabinets display one piece of art while storing up to fifty 8 1⁄2″ x 11″ masterpieces.  The hinged frame comes in white or black with a white mat.  Buy one or many to create your own art gallery! Can be hung vertically or horizontally. $39.99 HERE       Is your child the next Picasso?  Does he love to draw, paint and create things ...