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What’s in your 2019 Pool or Beach Bag?

What should be in a fully loaded pool or beach bag this year? Not just for the kids, but for mom and dad as well? Let’s start with the basics; every beach or pool bag needs a few essentials like: Beach towels Sunscreen Blanket or beach chair Hat Cover up Water bottle Snacks Bug spray Change of clothes First aid kit This year, why not step up your poolside or seaside game and coordinate your kid’s beach towel and tote bag?  You’ll love the ...

Take a Break! Packing Tips and Essentials for Your Spring Getaway

  Since most of the country is still braving cold temperatures, we’re dreaming of Spring Break and some much-needed fun in the sun.  Whether you’re driving to Florida or flying to the Caribbean, preparing for a beach vacation takes a lot of planning and organization, especially if you have children.  To make your trip easier, we’ve compiled some handy tips to keep you smiling from door to door. Before You Go: -Check ...

Design and Shine with Five of our NEW and Versatile Gifts for Your Home

  The best designers are experts at seeing things in a new or different way.  Whether it’s simply moving a comfy chair from a corner (where no one ever sits) to the middle of the room, or reupholstering a tired ottoman in a bold fabric, it’s about being creative and thinking of design without limitations.  Many of our exclusive products can be used in various ways, from season to season and in different rooms of the house.  ...