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Pet Training 101 – Hacks for Training Furry Friends

February is Dog Training Month, and Saturday, February 22, 2020 is National Walk the Dog Day, a day all about celebrating your four-footed furry friend by taking him, her, or them on a special date to their favorite spot, or perhaps discovering a new favorite. Dogs need regular exercise in order to stay healthy, just like us. Sticking to a walking routine can help reduce destructive behavior, maintain a pet’s healthy weight, and help your ...


HAPPY HOWL-EEN Halloween should be a fun holiday for you and your pets. Doting on our dogs and family pets plays an integral part of the Lillian Vernon lifestyle.  But sometimes All Hallow’s Eve can be a spooky night for pups [and people!] who may get nervous about ghosts and goblins.  So please follow these pet safety tips from the Southampton (NY) Animal Shelter to ensure a safe and happy Howl-een. Plus, don’t forget that ...