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Share the Luck ‘O the Irish and Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Lillian Vernon

  When Irish eyes are smiling, St. Patrick’s Day is probably right around the corner.  What began as a religious holiday in Ireland, March 17th is now a world-wide celebration of culture, religion and folklore…mixed with a bit of buffoonery.  Though St. Patrick is known as the patron saint of Ireland, he was not born Irish.  Originally from England, he became an integral part of Irish heritage, mostly through his missionary ...

Design and Shine with Five of our NEW and Versatile Gifts for Your Home

  The best designers are experts at seeing things in a new or different way.  Whether it’s simply moving a comfy chair from a corner (where no one ever sits) to the middle of the room, or reupholstering a tired ottoman in a bold fabric, it’s about being creative and thinking of design without limitations.  Many of our exclusive products can be used in various ways, from season to season and in different rooms of the house.  ...