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Honoring Women’s History Month

Let’s Celebrate Women’s History Month Beyond International Women’s Day (March 8), a law declaring March as Women’s History Month was passed by Congress and signed by President Reagan in 1987. Women continue to demonstrate reasons why the monthly celebration remains in effect by supported proclamation.  We honor women who’ve propelled in achievements, just like you. Women who’ve changed world culture like Oprah. Those who ...
Mother's Day Gifts

Gifts to Suit Any Mom

The world would be a very different place without moms. Mother’s Day is coming soon, and you may be wondering what to buy for your mom this year. Mother’s Day is set aside for us to honor our mothers, but every mom is different. What works for one mother wouldn’t be the right kind of gift for another. Never fear, we found gifts to suit any mom out there and compiled a handy reference list of ideas to spark your creative gift giving ...

Make it Personal: 13 Great Gifts For Her Starting at $6.99!

−     Whether it’s your mom, friend, teacher or sister, we have the perfect gifts for the holidays, a birthday or just to show you care!  Put in that extra effort with our exclusive and customized presents that will let her know she is appreciated!  Shop HERE for our full collection of Gifts for Her!   Who doesn’t love to be pampered?  Gift your special girl with a day at the spa, and present it in one of our Large ...